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Ttt minecraft city v4

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One place they spawn is right on top of the railroad, on the little bump in the ground right before the railroad goes into the pool of water that turns into ...

GMOD TTT #2: Minecraft City

21. This block is to the left of the beach, behind the tree. It is to the right of the traitor room.

TTT - Minecraft City - Secret Door

Garrys Mod TTT: Minecraft City: Secret Of The Blue Torch

2. The next one is right behind the lighthouse, on the right side (if you're facing the entrance to the lighthouse).

First you'll want to go to the main town area of the map, where the fountain is.

ttt_minecraftcity_v4f_r2.zip For Garry's Mod Image 1

Crowbar each 3 times (or shoot them varying amounts of times with each weapon), and inside you'll see a cool little minecraft thing. Yay!

TTT - Minecraft dark city-Enchantment Table- Easter Egg

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Now you can use the traitor tester, located behind the barn!

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This one is also outside the city, like the emerald. You want to go the the place where you can break the city wall, and drop into that whole in the ground.

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1. First you'll want to go the where the minecart is, below the traitor tester.


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Crowbar each 3 times (or shoot them varying amounts of times with each weapon), and inside you'll see a cool little minecraft thing. Yay!

Gmod Minecraft Map

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7. The next one is on the second floor of the lighthouse, right in front of you when you go to that floor.

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Gmod Minecraft Map Download


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And if you happen to kill other people with the explosion, don't worry about getting karma banned. It counts as dying from a collision with a physics prop.

Close up of UNATCO.

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Garry's Mod


Easter egg #3 minecraft b5 TTT Garry's Mod

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Steam Community :: Guide :: [TTT] Map Guide - Secret Room (ttt_minecraftcity_v4)


IslandShop v4

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Ttt Mc Skyislands

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Beczka Flip Challenge GMod TTT Strefa Gier ...

ttt_minecraftcity_v4f_r2.zip For Garry's Mod Image 1

RP_Venator_vFinal (map+vmf)


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Gmod Mapas: EL MEJOR MAPA DE MINECRAFT PARA TTT - ttt minecraft b5 [Descargar]

TTT Maps: Minecraft City V3

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Minecraft Map - Gmod Death Run Garry' Mod Deathrun

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TTT Little Winter

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GMod Main Menu Map Background

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