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Singapore Youth Festival - SYF



The months of SYF presentations preparation will culminate in the 2019 PLMGS Symphony of Praise Concert for our girls.

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Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Arts Presentation Results

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STARTING next year, students participating in the Singapore Youth Festival ( SYF) inter-school arts assessment will face less pressure.

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We ended the SYF 2019 Arts Presentation for Drama with a bang on Tuesday! Here

Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) 2018: Celebrations in the City is happening this June!


Speech Day 2018.jpeg SYF Celebrations 2018.jpeg

Congrats to my kids for achieving in SYF 2019! Always remember that it's not the

SYF Drama Club SYF 2019

BBSS ELDDS - SYF 2017 - Happily Ever After

SYF 2019️ My last performance All the best to our lower sec members in guzheng(

... Chinese Orchestra and Choir (09)


NUS Cultural Center music hall, before the performances began

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Concert Reverie 2019

NHDS SYF 2019 International Dance - Oei Oei Oei

Results for SYF 2017 - Certificate of Distinction!'

A message by this year Singapore Youth Festival Composer @jinjun_lee. BDAS would like to

Indoor music showcase

Syf 2018 Logo Design Contest Results Youtube

The Venice Biennale: Through the eyes of Miel Jul 09, 2019

Manjusri Secondary School Yearbook 2015

Singapore Youth Festival: So, What Exactly Has Changed? | guanyinmiao's musings

Before this year's SYF, there was a point when we all felt like getting a Distinction seemed impossible, unattainable, out of the question.

AES SYF 2019 | Fortitude

ABOUT THIS BOOK This book captures Deyi’s journey in embracing the arts and its varied arts programmes aimed at developing 21st Century ...

The ...

FRAU LUNA - Highlights from the Operetta (SASMB SYF 2019)

The recent performance of Synchrony Financial (NYSE:SYF) stock in the market spoke loud and clear to investors as SYF saw more than 5.40M shares in trading ...

Press Release

Meridian Secondary School - Impian | SYF 2017 | Gamelan Ensemble

Figure 2. E ff ect of ouabain on PI3KIA activity in Src ++ and

SYF 2015 - Drama - Peirce Sec

Drama reflection

Our syf journey has finally come to end! And We blew off the roof with

Good evening everyone! We will be having a CCA audition/ try out session!


The recent performance of Synchrony Financial (NYSE:SYF) stock in the market spoke loud and clear to investors as SYF saw more than 5.17M shares in trading ...

Part of the Bukit Panjang Military Band at the Parade of Bands on Saturday, when

Word of Mouth

The SYF 2019 Arts Presentation for Band (Concert) for the JCCI Level begins this

Band SYF 2019

Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation 2019 – Chinese Society⁣ ⁣ Our Chinese Society (Drama

SJI teachers - Mr Raymond Karam and Mr Chong Jun Hien - published an article on moths in The Gardens' Bulletin Singapore (Vol 71, Supplement 1, 2019).

Here are some pictures from the SYF 2019 Arts Presentation for Drama yesterday! Come on

Rave Harpers

PRCS SYF Drama club 2017 - Within Four Walls - Part 1

Syf 2017 Happenings 30 June To 2 July Sji Guitar Ensemble

Senior Drama Club students in an excerpt from the World Theatre Festival2.jpg

CJC Flame Issue 2 2018

Dunman High School String Ensemble

SYF 2019 : 'The Mind'

Yoga of the SOUL

Concert Hall

It's midweek and that means we have two more days of exciting drama performances before we

SYF on the 30th of april!! GRIND ON EDC!!🎭💪💯

The SYF Cast and Crew at Goodman Arts Centre with instructor Ms Naq.

SYF Celebrations 2019 - Dance Extravaganza. Juying Radicalz in action! #Dance #juyingradicalz #sgyouthfest @sgyouthfest #syf2019

... be making its premiere at the Drama Centre Black Box, after previously having had a dramatized reading held at Toy Factory's space at NOWplaying@17.

EV Dance Vetting - Singapore Youth Festival 2019 (SYF)

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Press Release

Yesterday was the start of our Endgame of the SYF 2019 Arts Presentation for Drama!

these girls, and one boy, outdone themselves but still felt sad and terrible with their own performance. silly #syf #singaporeyouthfestival #guzheng #古筝 # ...


Can Square Secure Bank Licensing This Time Around?

HEY RGS!! 😁😁 Congrats on completing your PPAs 👍 The second issue of

Drama reflection Drama reflection Drama reflection

The ...

2017 - 2018 Board of Trustees Binder Pages 201 - 250 - Text Version | FlipHTML5

Tomorrow is our official syf day!!! we just want to thank all our

Nanyang Girl High, SYF performance festival 2019/05. Thanks @kcaj_1175 for let

congrats to all my students and all my colleagues for their hard work! 5 distinctions! yay! #syf #gildonsstudents #singaporeyouthfestival #gpipa

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Word of Mouth

Everyone is important in making a drama production successful! Hear what the students have to about their backstage role at SYF FB and IG!pic.twitter.com/ ...